Grass Fed Whole Lamb Pack


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The Farmer Dan Whole Lamb Pack is made up of the following standard cuts:
2 x Whole legs of Lamb
4 x Packs of Lamb Cutlets (16 pieces)
4 x Packs of Loin Chops (16 pieces)
4 x Packs of Chump Chops (8 pieces)
8 x Packs of forequarter Chops (16 pieces approx)
2 x Packs of Spare Ribs
2 x Packs of Lamb Neck
1-2 x Packs of Soup Bones
2 x Lamb Shanks

Minimum weight: 17kg (As standard whole lamb pack)

* Please note the weight of your lamb pack depends on your choice of cuts. E.g Choosing boneless shoulder, the bones are taken out from the specified weight. Number of packs stated above may vary depending on the size of the portions in each pack.

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